Aqua Lymphatic Therapy (ALT)
The Tidhar Method ®


Aqua lymphatic therapy 
The Tidhar Method ®

Training Program with Dorit Tidhar (MScPT, ALT, CDT)

Course Prerequisite: Certification to practice Combined Decongestive Therapy (CDT) (CLT) and to pass an online pre-test on the material that will be sent 1 month prior the beginning of the course.


Course objectives: The lymphedema therapist will know how to implement the principles of ALT for individual and group instruction and will be able to assess the impact of the treatment session on the patient and adjust the exercise program to suit individual needs. Trained therapists will have the confidence in teaching ALT exercises as part of the self management program 

Prior course readings in the subjects of: Anatomy, treatment of lymphedema, the maintenance phase, exercise and lymphedema, the physical forces of the water and physiological responses to water immersion and water exercise, quality of life and lymphedema, hydrotherapy for orthopedic swelling and measurement issues in lymphedema management.  

    Day 1
Am: Introduction, rehearsal on home material, principles of Aqua Lymphatic Therapy. ALT for arm lymphedema.
Pm: Pool practice session - arm lymphedema.
Day 2 
Am: Measurement workshop, research of ALT, Alt for leg Lymphedema.
Pm :Pool practice session - leg lymphedema. And arm lymphedema routine

Day 3 
Am:Clinical reasoning in Aqua Lymphatic Therapy include working on the excel program that designed for evaluation the ALT results (immediate and long term) . Individual therapy thoughts and ideas; how to combine the aqua lymphatic therapy with conventional treatment
and creating a group
Pm:Pool practice session arm and leg lymphedema routine.

Day 4:
Am: Theoretical examination on course principles and material, case strudies 
Pm:Pool practice session – Arm and leg lymphedema routine, advanced exercises. Pratical exam and creating your own exercises according to ALT prinicples.

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