Aqua Lymphatic Therapy (ALT)
The Tidhar Method ®

Valuable Links
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          The International Lymphedema Framework:
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          The Lymphedema Association of Australia:
          The Nationale Lymphedema network:
       The Lymphedema Association of Saskatchewan Inc               

Example of exercises: Demonstration video clips on YouTube
Frog exercise for arm lymphedema
Breathing exercise
Breathing and upper 
extremity exercise
Exercise for leg lymphedema
Once you purchased the item, you will receive a link which will enable you to download the videos of the exercises routine for leg and arm lymphedema.  
The files that you will download contain illustrations of the exercises for you to print and laminate, and take with you to the pool, and articles that can help you understand the rationale behind the method. The movies are available in English only, however you may email me a head and ask for a presentation in Italian, French or Hebrew; together with the movie it can help you understand better. 
Please don't forget to write a correct email address with your purchase.
Videos of ALT for arm and leg lymphedema

Recording of a lecture on ALT on YouTube: